Spring fishing catfish in Astrakhan

trophy10 The catfish is the biggest predator bescheshuychatym freshwater rivers and lakes. He refers to the family of catfish somoobraznyh squad. The features catfish – big head, long tail and whiskers. The fish can reach 5 m in length and 400 kg weight. Most often anglers caught specimens weighing 10-20 kg.
First Catch som often fails when the water will be warmer than 10 ° C. Spring nibble improves as the temperature rises and becomes zhor before spawning. Fish bite all day. After ikrometa catfish caught near the well pit, but with the arrival of summer heat moves to the night feeding. On cloudy rainy days, the fish can eat in the daytime. Before wintering catfish feeds intensively, but biting fickle. Fish often change their tastes and feeding time.
Catfish common in large rivers and reservoirs in the midland and southern regions of the country. And in the rivers and reservoirs, and lakes it takes the deepest pit. In them, he spends the winter in a state of sleep. It turns out from the pits in the spring, when the water warms up to 8 ° C. But once having chosen the pit, the fish spends her and beside her most of her life. At the beginning of the summer to visit the factories, bays, shoals. After spawning keeps on entry and exit from the pits.
Puberty catfish reach the age of five. Spawning when the water temperature rises above 15 ° C. Spawning grounds may be in different places, like in the shallows and deep bays. But usually this quiet parts of the river or pond. Here the fish is going to groups and arranges special “tokovischa” when males rubbing and writhing against each other, providing a choice of female. The female digs a hole before ikrometom where and lays eggs. About 3-7 days the fish protects offspring, and when the larvae will exit, catfish spawning leave and return to their pits.
Spring Awakening catfish coincides with the spawning of some fish species. This makes it possible to satisfy hunger sluggish giant fish that spawn. Do not hesitate and he awakened frogs, hit the water worms, leeches and clams. After spawning catfish rushes to the shallows, where the hunt for fish, river lamprey, collect shells, fallen into the water insects and nestlings. Swam across the river mice, frogs, snakes become the prey of a catfish. Often large predator enough ducks and geese, as well as accidentally fallen into the water pets.
To catch catfish angler you need to look for the deepest parts of the river or pond. The inputs and outputs of which are the most catchability places. If there are holes near the steep banks, whirlpools, bent over the water the trees and bushes, there may appear on catfish feeding. Before spawning, the fish should look at the depth of 1-2 m, which is adjacent to a channel or pit. The bays and backwaters in early summer as promising for catching freshwater giant. Catfish rises to the surface only in the clear moonlit night, and during a thunderstorm. In the fall, he was among the first sent to the wintering holes.
Pantophagy catfish angler provides a rich selection of lures. All of them are divided into artificial and natural. To catch a spinning fit jig baits, spinners and wobblers wavering. For bottom fishing in the spring suit vypolzok, a bunch of manure worms, leeches, medium-sized live bait. In the summer range of baits is becoming wider. This large insects (grasshoppers, mole cricket), barnacles, worms and leeches and fish weighing 200-300 g By the fall, you can catch frogs, pieces of meat, crayfish.
Lures Catfish is difficult. Simply bait fish if several days late in the evening lowered feed. As bait and bait suit worms hidden in pieces of turf. Catfish can linger for a long time near the bush with the worms crawl out. Good catfish attract burned at the stake hooves, horns, feathers. They can be used as the nozzle. Some anglers are attracted som large shells, which are then carried out fishing.
Methods for catching catfish:
– Fishing in a boat on a plumb Kwok – the most popular way of fishing and catfish fishing efficiency. When you hit the water Kwok creates a sound that attracts the catfish. And fishing is conducted directly on the vertical line with bait, often in half-waters.
– Trolling lures – another way of catching big catfish from a boat. It is less desirable and popular because of the high cost of construction of gear and challenging routes for trolling.
– Coastal donk – the most affordable way to catch those who do not have the ability to try your luck with the boat. Donka is not sport fishing method, of course, if you do not use zhivtsovy feeder or feeder tackle with a large Nightcrawlers.
– Spinning fishing is quite an exotic method of catching catfish. The most promising is the direction of the jig.
Source: www.ranoutrom.com