Fishing in Astrakhan


In our country, many wonderful and beautiful places, but in the Astrakhan region itself Mother Nature created the conditions for a peaceful and relax. Without a doubt, fishing hunting in Astrakhan – a unique combination of the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the diversity of flora and fauna. It was in Astrakhan on a fishing trip can talk all day and night, because this type of vacation is respected by both men and women, and children. In past years, the main dish was fish in the diet of local residents, and especially in times of famine, it was dried, pounded into flour and baked cakes like bread. Current fishing in Astrakhan – a carp, perch, bream, roach, catfish, perch, chub, and others. (About 120 species). Such a vast variety of these places attracts anglers from all over Russia. Those who have once fishing in these areas, be sure to come back here again.
Fishing in Astrakhan region is of two kinds.
1. – Fishing in the main river channel. In the pits and whirlpools can catch catfish, perch and chub or lives in the mainstream.
2. – Fishing on the peals, large algae-covered shallows.
Fishing in Astrakhan – a year-round activity. Spring fishing in this region begins in April. In local waters is not only one: perch, catfish, chub, pike, perch, roach and others. For example, you can catch catfish in many ways, but the most effective in the spring to catch it on the donk. Bait may be any attachment or simulate live fry. Once the water begins to warm up the pike goes to rumble (shallow water), and choose a place to ikromёta. After spawning begins zhor. Such a large number of pike, you will not find anywhere else. When fishing with the use of spinning or trolling lure, but can be caught on live bait. And in late April, many anglers go to Astrakhan for roach. As the gear used donk or float rod, bait – maggots, worms, corn.
With the advent of May comes the turn of the perch, rudd, roach, carp, pike continues to fatten. Biting like the May in the other seasons will not be repeated, because in May, are active almost all kinds of fish. Spawn, the fish is ready to swallow any bait and poklёvki continues all day and much of the night.
Probably every angler heard prichet “June – fish spit”, and many have experienced it for yourself. But this expression is absolutely not suitable for the Volga delta, and originally it is certainly not from Astrakhan. In early June, a pourable places and spawning water leaves and water slides in the track and all the fish (adults and juveniles). And in places vanishing waters in the hollow of the river waiting for the pack of predators (from bass to catfish). A fatliquoring, such as catfish are lurking angler with a spinning rod. As a bait suitable perlovitsy meat, frogs, mole cricket. Also catfish in places it is possible to catch pike-perch, chub, pike. But do not forget about other fish species, and the respective nozzles. On a variety of vegetable packing well taken bream, rudd, tench, carp and others.
September – Indian summer and golden time for fishing in the Volga delta. In autumn begins zhor perch, chub, perch and carp, and continues at the pike. On the Donkey, the boat takes great bream. At the end of September, down, seen earlier in the den, catfish. Here you can catch a sheer lure.
Active biting going on in October – November because daytime temperatures are still quite high. Perch, carp, bersha (breed of walleye) is now to be sought in the shallows and bottom folds. Asp leaves on depth, so the best at this time to tackle it – donk. And in the coastal thickets still can successfully fish for pike or perch. Cases when the bass playing and chasing a flock of bait is to sit on a pair of trolling. Pike to autumn is gaining the most weight! Fish 5 – 6 pounds – a trifle. Fishing in Astrakhan in the Volga delta, you can work hard and catch pike and 9 and 12kilogramm.
Winter fishing in the Volga delta begins when it becomes ice. A more narrow, shallow channels freeze already at four degrees below zero. When the ice narastёt to 5 cm. You can walk on it safely. On the first ice fishing is best in shallow water. In this season of your catch can be Sopa, perch, bream, roach, and ilmenite (small lakes formed from a sleeve or oxbow river) you can catch perch or pike. But if the winter in Astrakhan has stood warm and frost napryazhenka, even ice fishing fail. In this situation it is necessary to use a boat or fishing from the steep shoreline.
When fishing from the ice you need, an ice pick and a tackle at least three rods – a float with a spoon and with the jig. As the main bait fry should choose, but it is possible to fish and bloodworms or mealworms.