Fishing in Astrakhan in June

trophy35Fishing in Astrakhan region in June – is excellent bite that can leave a lasting impression, especially for the novice fisherman. During this period, the fish so much that in the morning and in the evening the water literally boils from her presence. And the battle that suit predators in the morning, do not leave anyone indifferent. It was at this time, even in the amateur fishing will produce always spinning a trophy, as the asp. At the same time, this condition is maintained for only a month, and then the fish comes in a more tranquil state that it is inherent in the middle of summer. Also, it is worth noting that since the middle of the flood (late May-early June) marked the peak of the so-called progress of the Caspian herring.

When the water level begins to decline, the fish moves to channel part of the floodplain. At this time the flood lake leaves juveniles. Polo and lakes have a connection to the main channel in the form of streams. It is at the confluence of these streams, the fish are waiting predators such as pike and perch. In addition, here you can find perch, chub and catfish. When the young falls into the mainstream, it becomes available to predators. This is due to the fact that the water in line with the much colder and juveniles is experiencing shock, which makes it an easy target.

The confluence of these streams can be the pits, which cause fishing for catfish. Such sites give you the opportunity to catch specimens up to 25 kg. Mainly from flowing out is one catfish who sated, leaves and another takes his place. Best bite there in the morning and in the evening the intensity of fishing is considerably reduced.

If you see emerging, which are located on the Volga River, here you can find zander and asp. Catching perform subsurface jigs and trolling. In turn, trolling lures are used in almost any that are suitable for fishing from four to six meters deep. With regard to the jig lures, the best work differ Tail spinners. During this period, asp bite – a fierce resistance. Thus, a single fishing can easily catch twenty tails.

During the period of the so-called midges walleye can be found not on the standard depths, and in those places where there is a current, forming a whirlpool clockwise. For the most part, these trends are detected at the right side. In this case, it’s best to catch walleye using a jig. Do not forget, if you find whirlpools, which are determined by the course, run counter to the clockwise, then do not waste your time, because the walleye here you will not find. When will the recession of water, the pike move on their standard locations, which are determined by the depth of four to seven meters.