Fishing in Astrakhan in autumn


Fishing in Astrakhan in autumn

Autumn time for anglers most welcome in the Astrakhan region. Tiresome falls during the summer heat, the water becomes cooler. All kinds of fish more active, feeding intensively in preparation for winter. Young and white fish are favored by facilitating a bloodthirsty predator fishing. Autumn period for all fish – this time to the clock supply. Catfish at this time is insatiable: lacking everything moves a little. And so it continues until November. Determine its place of residence can be tight bouts. The best bait for catching him will locust, frog, a bunch of worms, large Nightcrawlers. You can catch on spinners, wobblers. Autumn fishing in the Astrakhan – a paradise for lovers catch walleye. He took a fancy to the edge and attack submarines all, swims next to fish. To hunt him better heavy cylindrical spinners. Places – piled. The method – to plummet. The attractiveness of the bait and the frequency of bites increases if the lower hooks to impose white fish. Activity pike and perch in the autumn beyond words. For example, the “whales” for bait chase flocks. And often sit on her pairs. But the “take” trophy, the mother of a pike at this time, weighing 10 kg, – not such a rarity. November – while fishing in Astrakhan on the carp, which comes in the river in the region of the Caspian Sea. Flocks of these “bronze beauties”, in preparation for winter, plow with their powerful mouths bottom waters, eating everything from roots algae to mussels. As the nozzle at catching Nightcrawlers loves, cake, baits, worms beams, corn. Tackles fit any, even spinning with spoon. Autumn – freedom for lovers of fishing whitefish. Caught all and in abundance: carp, saber fish, rudd, roach, bream, bream. Bite better on organic packing.

Fishing in Astrakhan in September

September brings havoc on the banks of rivers and lakes of the Astrakhan region. For various reasons, most of them left the fishermen (including those who prefer fishing in Astrakhan savage), hikers, campers. Night, of course, become colder, but during the day the air warms up to + 30 ° C at times. Water ceases to bloom, begin to sink to the bottom of the algae. There are open spaces in the first and overgrown ponds. They are becoming increasingly local predators (pike, perch), peaceful fish (tench, buffalo). Sama fishing on the Volga in Astrakhan and other water bodies in September, focuses more on catching of predatory fish. In areas with strong currents often seen “zherehovye boilers”, allowing the pack asp efficiently produce fish fry. Successful until mid-month, trolling catfish in the shallow stretches and rapids. Later mustache predator Run-of River goes to the pits, where he caught on croaker. Especially in rough waters and winds of autumn. In September, on the lakes, ilmenite Astrakhan region, fry, crankbaits, spinners caught perch, pike. Catch from the shore, the boat (trolling) flow in areas with sufficient depth. White fish in September, just caught successfully. Sand stretches, fast-flowing water near them, bring success in catching bream ground tackle. Lin, Buffalo – part of the booty when fishing in deep water duct (eriks) connecting the lake. They peck well on crayfish, worms. And biting going on all day, but more active at dawn. In September, reaches shallow water comes from, and is often captured sizes, the Volga common carp. And only after cooling the fish goes into snags, located in the pits under the cliffs.

Fishing in Astrakhan in October

October – during the golden autumn in the region. The temperature of about +10 ºC, colder at night and + 4 ° C … + 6 ° C. After the middle of the month can be frozen. Riverbanks look deserted, the waters of rivers, lakes zhiruyut chub, pike. This month – the best time for fishing in Astrakhan fans jig spinning and hunting walleye. Catch it and trolling using crankbaits deep. Places – deep riverbed edge, deep snags. Caught in the same large pike, perch. Zhor walleye intensified in October, every day and reaches its climax in the next month. In the shallows, have flooded the bushes close to the shore in October, well caught a big chub. And by the end of the month start to come across instances of 5 kilograms or more. Come across fish and some duct-eriks right near the shore. It continued throughout the month of Astrakhan fish activity humpback big perch, pike. Experienced somyatniki can still hope to catch catfish on a donk and jigging. Rarely, but it appears to catch carp. To catch them is not suitable vegetable bait. They begin to prefer the mussels, “meat” Boyle. Catch in October you can also buffalo, but Lin has completely ceased to be interested in baits.

Fishing in Astrakhan in November

November in the Astrakhan region overcast and relatively cool month. At night temperatures already below zero, and in the afternoon she was still kept at around + 5 ° C … + 8 ° C. Sometimes the snow falls but melts quickly. But fishing in November, it does not stop, although already requires warm clothing and appropriate equipment. It is especially hazardous and dobychliva zander, which in the midst of this period of Jora. The fish are biting furiously per wiring is 2-3 bites. Together with the foam nozzle on the perch often caught Bersh. In November, it is still possible to catch a chub. But only at the demolition of coastal streams have submerged bushes and trees. Baubles conduct should be in half-waters or near the bottom. There is still a chance to catch catfish in November, ground tackle with bait fish or a frog. In the tributaries, lakes still dobychliva fishing for pike in Astrakhan, which is actively attacking spinner, silicone bait pike. Not behind the toothy predator and perch. White fish in November at the bottom gear caught roach, bream, large bream. The nozzle is traditional – the worm.