Fishing for catfish in Astrakhan in August

som_astrahanEvery fisherman dreams of catching big fish. The most coveted trophy of the Volga and powerful – of course, catfish. The owner of the depths have successfully caught the whole open water season from April to November. But to be a winner, you have to know the rules of the game.

Tuning to catch a big catfish in the Lower Volga, it is necessary to take care of safety gear in each of its elements. A museum of broken buckles, swivels, leash, bent open hooks, worn to a frazzle in rags, cords, broken fishing rods and reels, could be collected in just one week of catching catfish.

Many anglers going out on the hunt for catfish, do not imagine with what enemy they will be dealing with.
Catfish in the Lower Volga easily passes a hundred pound weight! These monsters do not often come across, but the catfish weighing over 50 kg are not uncommon in catches.

Of course, in most cases, the principle of “catch – release”, and catfish after the ceremonial photograph with the winner, returned safely to their native element. Only those soms, which were damaged during the fighting, or who previously was prepared to consider kebabs evening, after weighing offers the skilled hands of the chef.

But before you celebrate, catfish have yet to overcome. Let us return to the rigging. Most often, fishing for catfish on the Volga apply three basic ways – bottom fishing, fishing with Kwok and trolling has received extensive development in recent years.

Lures – Crankbaits dive to a depth of up to 4 to 6 meters. Good lures have proven HALCO, EXCALIBUR, DAIWA. Colors bright yellow-green, orange, silver. Catch Catfish trolling in the shallows, near the exit of the pits, giving the boat at low speed against the current.
Especially fascinating catching catfish trolillingom at low water, in the middle of summer and the closer to the fall. Combing lure edge duct and sometimes even manages to see itself access to attack a full-grown catfish. Suddenly, from the side of the line bait movement on the water diverge mustache like a submarine goes to overcutting wobbler. Yelp coil – has! It begins an exciting fight with a powerful fish.

Even with a powerful, proven time and again tackle, angler does not always manage to come out the winner in a fight with catfish. Help him and snags, and Herculean strength, and the slightest error angler. And this is the beauty of the unpredictability of fishing soms.
Season catching catfish, as already mentioned, starts in April, and this time the predator kept in pits. And with the water warming increasingly goes hunting. Catch his Donkey, jigs and jigging. At the end of the flood, in mid-June, when the water rolls off Polo and flooded lakes, catfish guard prey in streams – “emerging”. Moreover, they can accumulate in places whole flock. Tossing bait fish or a frog on the creek piled deep, biting will not have to wait long.

In July and August, in the heat, in the calm still water is the best time to catch Kwok over the pits. The old method is so fascinating and beautiful, that describe experiences during hunting fishing is simply impossible, it is necessary to experience, to taste yourself.
As soon as the water starts to fall it’s time to actively trolling. Fishing Gambling in all ways continues until late autumn.
In October, with the cooling water, catfish rolls into the pits, bottom fishing season begins. And it continues until the first frost – until mid-November.

The catching catfish no trifles and also soundly tackle so reliable boat, need to know the places and habits. Invaluable assistance becomes a conductor – the huntsman. But when fishing with Kwok, the talent kvochnika result depends in the first place.
Explore the river on their own within a few days of fishing vryatli succeed, and, despite the fact that som places a lot, and the pit are drawn sometimes downstream for several kilometers, not knowing exactly where, when and what to catch catfish fishing can be converted the lottery.

An experienced ranger, with trophy hunting for catfish – figure key, it will not only expose you to the point, will help with a choice of nozzles, but also during vyvazhivaniya become your right hand, as to take alone boat fish over 50 kg – oh how not easy!