Fishing for carp in the Volga delta


Carp – is the largest freshwater fish, which belongs to the family of carp carps squad. The weight of the fish is sometimes more than 20 kg, and comes to the length of 1 m. The main growth carp occur during the first 7-8 years of life, the maximum age can exceed 30 years. This fish is the main destroyer of fishing gear and the subject for fiction stories anglers. Carp brother is wild carp and fishing methods used are very similar.
Peck carp begins in the spring, after a winter of awakening. As the warm water increases the activity of the fish, turning into zhor before spawning. Going around spawning, carp eat the pack not only animals, but also vegetarian food. This is the best time to deliberate catching carp. During this period catches the biggest fish. After spawning carp disperses the river or pond. In summer, fish the fish can wait until after a long privazhivaniya and complementary feeding. In autumn, as you get closer to the wintering fish pits, the bite improves. Fish is trying to work up fat before the long winter.
Carp lives in large rivers and reservoirs. He prefers to stay in areas with a calm and quiet water. Meets the fish in the bays with slow current and rich vegetation, well it takes root in lakes and ponds. Late autumn takes deep pits where arranged for the winter. From the state of torpor comes only during the ice drift. Despite the fact that carp often jumps out of the water, it is fed exclusively near the bottom.
In the spring after hibernation in early summer carp feeds mainly young shoots of sedges, water lilies, reeds, pondweed and other vegetation. Actively he eats eggs spawned fish and frogs. Summer diet carp shifted towards the inhabitants of such animals, insects, snails, worms, crabs molting, leeches, perlovitsy. The leaves of aquatic plants also remain in a summer menu of fish. But the fall of carp completely converted to animal feed, eating invertebrates and aquatic insects.
Search carp in lakes and reservoirs should be close to the deep pits, flooded riverbed drops depths. Near (300-400 m) should be areas overgrown with algae. These fish feed on leaves. He likes to hide in the rubble of driftwood bushes in the remaining stumps of former forests. But make sure the depth in such areas must be at least 3 m. The rivers need to catch a carp in a quiet deep whirlpools with slow or reverse the course. Nearby are to be overgrown with grass areas or river oxbow lakes where fish feeds.
After leaving the state winter stupor, carp are biting at Nightcrawlers, a bunch of worms, barnacles, perlovitsy, leeches, as well as boilies with the scent of fish and shellfish. Summer carp should offer such tips as steamed peas, barley, wheat and corn, boiled potatoes, maggots, dough. Autumn again preferably fishing looks at the shell-perlovitsy, maggots, worms, meat cancer.
Targeted fishing for carp bait is not always enough to attract the fish to the point of fishing. More effective action bait. If within 3-4 days after the sun lay the food, and during the fishing bait to throw, then in such a way it can be trained to feed on carp fished area. An even greater effect is produced during the demolition of bait and bait into the hole, which holds carp. As bait and bait used cake, steamed corn, cereal, boiled potatoes, chopped mussels and worms.
Feeder – the most common method of sports fishing carp. It allows you to spot complementary feeding even very remote places from the shore and wait for a bite cautious fish.