Search pike winter

щука_зимойDespite the fact that the pike is a predatory fish, catching her in the winter time can boast of a few fishermen. Most importantly, what is the difference experienced fishermen – they know how to find the pike in a particular pond. And for that, first of all, you must have knowledge about the features of its behavior at this time of year.

Particular attention should also be paid to the bait. It is known that fishing on the balancer is among the three most catchability bait. At the beginning and end of winter, using a rocker caught in the shallows, and with it gluhozime fished at depth. The tricks used heavy rocker longer than 7 cm. It is desirable that the color matched the small fish, which is found in this lake. Game balancer must be monotonic. When picked up by the rocker features of its design, it goes up and away. Seeing departures prey pike hungrily throw at it.

During freeze-up pike goes to the same places to dwell in the warm season – quiet bays, shallow water, places with thickets of reeds and cane, snags, submerged trees or significant differences of depths, etc. We must remember the main thing – any slight shelter pike uses to ambush. Particular attention in the search of pike in this period should be paid to a broken coastline, which indicates that the bottom of the reservoir at this location is rich in underwater holes and ledges.

During gluhozimya, with a decrease in water temperature changes and its oxygen regime. At this time the pike lowered to a depth or looking for a place rich in oxygen: the estuary flowing into rivers and streams, deep holes with a small flow of water, underwater keys. Also promising places to find this predator considered deep edge or piled up. To find such places wells are drilled perpendicular to the coast at intervals of 10 – 15 meters. If you find such differences between the drilled hole distance is reduced to 3 – 5 meters to accurately set the upper and lower part of the edge, where the pike hiding in ambush.

Particular attention should be paid to places with snags and submerged trees. True, we should be afraid of possible hooks. During this period, short-term approach possible to the edges of the pike grassy thickets after fry. But this happens rarely and only in the long thaw. The end of winter is the most catching capacity to catch pike. The flood pike looking at places where streams flow into the pond or meltwater. It is going to fry – the best food for the predator. At the same time he begins prespawning zhor so biting is particularly active.