Catching the asp in the peals of the Caspian Sea


Asp is only pronounced predator of the carp family. Standard weight asp or sherespera is 2-4 kg. The fish can reach a maximum size of 70 cm and a weight of 8 kg. During his strength and fighting spirit he received from fishermen such nicknames as the mare enough for a horse.

Typically, the active fishing asp begins after spawning. Before the breeding season the case of individual fish being caught on live bait or worm. Immediately after ikrometa fish so weakened that caught on a worm or Nightcrawlers, when playing the angler does not have any resistance. In early summer, asp recuperate and actively chasing young fish in the shallows. The fish are biting not only on the small bait fish, but also on the turntables, kastmastery, surface lures. In late summer, when swarms form asp boilers during hunting requires long-range artificial bait, because the fish will not let the angler closer 80-100 m – works best kastmaster. During the flight of insects can be a good nibble on a June bug, dragonfly, large flies, gadflies. Autumn leaves on the depth of the fish, where it can catch on live bait or lures and deep jig bait.

Another name for the fish “river corsair” suggests that it dwells mostly in large rivers. Asp does not go into the small river, not found in stagnant water. The largest cluster of sherespera observed in the basins of the Caspian and Black Seas. In the deeper parts of the rivers and reservoirs fish kept the upper horizon or in half-waters. Fish in the shallows out to the surface, often featuring a large dorsal fin. Sheresper considered daily fish, t. To. The night he almost stern.

With the arrival of spring weakened sheresper goes to spawn, almost forgetting about feeding. After ikrometa fish is so weakened that it can not even catch small fish. At this time, with the melt water to rivers and lakes gets a lot of worms, which have become the salvation for asp. As recuperation begins to hunt fish fry. In the summer with the emergence of insects asp active enough fell on the surface of the water beetles, flies and dragonflies. In rainy and rainy days, the fish goes to the bottom, which is looking for a small fish veretenok worms. During the three years of his life the fish time to gain weight more than 1 kg. A predator sheresper becomes the second year.

Catch purposefully asp extremely difficult. Fish rarely come close to the shore, so the fishing boat sherespera required. Only in the spring before spawning fish approaching the steep shores, where there is a lot of depth. Search asp in the summer should be in the shallows, in the shallow waters at the confluence of tributaries into the mainstream (if there is sufficient depth). Usually when feeding in late summer asp hunt in packs. Recreational hunting transformed into “boiling pot” formed by crumbling apart fry. Such places are usually accompanied by large flocks of seagulls that also prey on young fish.

The main lure for catching asp are living organisms. In the spring of the river to catch the Corsair can be a worm, Nightcrawlers or live bait. With the advent of insect comes time to the May beetle, dragonflies, large flies, warble flies and grasshoppers. From fish trivia sheresper prefers bleak, dace, gudgeon. Among the lures is best proven kastmastery and Devon, vacillating and spinners, wobblers and poppers.