Catching roach in Astrakhan

вобла с пивомCatching roach in Astrakhan spring – one of the easiest and dobychlivyh fishings this time of year, because fishing is carried out usually in the flood plains and low-lying bush. Here, the melt water is quite a long time and have time to warm up to the optimal temperature for the fish in the 15-16 degrees, while in the mainstream of the Volga, it’s almost like winter the temperature.

Here, in the meadows and woods, spring comes all the fish, and conditional peace, and predators. This is due to the fact that water-drenched meadows rich in a wide variety of food. There are many insects and worms crept out of their holes, filled with melt water. There is also a vegetable and food in the form of grains and seeds. And predators, of course, come to its potential prey – small fish. Therefore, we can often see on the tracks caught roach pike teeth.

How to catch dried fish in Astrakhan

Fishing in Astrakhan in the spring has a lot of fans and aficionados. It often happens that on her travel with their entire families. Catch all – from small to large … Often it is on such fishing and born real lovers of fishing and nature. And the thing is that fishing Astrakhan roach at this time does not require the finesse gear and expensive baits and the fish bite is almost constant, if properly found the place and the weather is flat: no strong wind, atmospheric pressure drops, prolonged rain or other signs of a protracted weather.

Catching roach in Astrakhan spring can be quite diverse in species composition. In addition to the roach quite possible poklёvki and larger fish: carp, crucian carp, buffalo, sopy-white-eye, rudd, bream. Therefore it is not necessary to put the line is very thin. Spring meadows fish are not as careful as in the summer, but too tiny gear can be smashed strong carp or big buffalo.

Fishing in bays

On the flood plains and shallow water is most commonly used float fishing rod, but a more logical application would not centrifugal, and Bolognese tackle, as you may require long casts. Besides Bologna accessories with fast-response coil helps when playing big fish when you have to play off the line under the strong jerks carp or carp.

The most common for a fishing rod length of 5-6 meters. Reel for a “lap dog” is most often used for match, having a sufficiently large spool that promotes rapid work to tackle. Floats are used Bologna with a long antenna and permanently secured. But some fishermen put and sliding floats. Although usually a sliding float in Bologna catching applies only in cases where the depth exceeds a spot of fishing rod length, but serves as a sliding float and for more accurate and far-casting, especially in a strong wind. Pretty heavy float weighing from 4 to 10 grams, which lies directly on the sinker helps hook baited fly to the right place. Drive, float up the fishing line to the silicone or rubber nodules, exhibited at depth in a spot of fishing.

Bait for catching roach spring is a classic worm, better manure. Worms skewer whole or a brush, but it is better when the bait is large and active. Vobla takes confidently and reliably, often dragging the float under water.

roach Ambassador

Catching roach in Astrakhan spring is quite dobychlivoy. Therefore fishermen who came from afar, salting harvest this useful and tasty fish. This process is very simple. We need to add some salt each layer of fish, putting it in a plastic or enamel pot. After stand out the juice, and it happens during the night after fishing, the fish should be put on the oppression weighing about 5-7 kg. So it will be solitsya two more days. fish should then soaked for 2-3 hours in running water or in some container, changing the water. And then just need to hang out and wait for the fish when it podvyalitsya. And that will be unmatched product taste.