Pike fishing in the Caspian peals


Catch pike always fun and recklessly, especially large. Volga ducts merge with the Caspian Sea, form the famous Caspian peals – boundless expanse of shallow, overgrown with reed islands, the intricacies of pondweed, water lily leaves – real pike kingdom. Toothy predator in this realm of sovereign mistress, and here in the ideal natural ambushes, is found in great abundance.

Such a large number of pike as the Caspian peals no longer meet anywhere. Sometimes it seems that the more fish than water. Judge for yourself, without moving from one point of 72 pieces in 2 hours. The size of fish of 1 kg. 6.5 kg.! Spinner barely manages to splash down – splash – grip – there!

This crazy pike fishing is not uncommon in the Caspian peals. Pike fishing begins in early spring, in late March – early April, followed by about 2-week break for spawning pike zhor and again gaining momentum. In May and June floods brings about changes in schuchyu fishing, the fish goes into Polo and caught her in the shallows among the bushes, shrubs and grasses. In July, in the heat pike can be seduced only dawns, and only the exact position under the nose of the bait in August biting activated, and by the fall again becomes a real zhor that goes up to the icy conditions.

Catch pike peals very exciting, all the depth of a meter and a half, and later did centimeters 20-30. Around reed, seaweed. The bite is happening before our eyes. And as opposed pike, everyone knows spinning – then you and jerks and potyazhki and candles and dancing on the tail – a great fishing! Interference is one – grass, ever clinging to the hook. The solution is simple – uncoupled bait designed specifically for fishing in snags and thickets, will solve all problems.
Floating baits and poppers – excellent bait for pike fishing in shallow waters. Just the bait thrown at the window of clean water, if you see in the movies, like the pike attacks.

With an abundance of fish on the first day relegating soul inevitably begin experimenting with bait and hunt only for large prey. The first rule when fishing for big pike -Big mouth, big bait. Spinner №6, and even more, large spoons (but fine that would not immediately fall to the bottom), a fleshy lure, popper, or a large soft plastic bait on light snastochke – all of these lures very congenial large Volga pike. With no need to be ashamed of the size of 15-20 cm. Bait quite tough for pike weighing 2-2.5 kg., And often attack it and smaller pike. But it is a major attraction has all chances to get this “crocodile.”

Tackle for pike fishing is nothing extraordinary in itself is not. You will need reliable and robust spinning rod length 2.4-2.7 meters with a test of 10 to 40 (50), the coil should be preferred Radiant as to be fishing in shallow water, at high precision casting, with constant experimentation with lures.

Braided fishing line – 0,18-0,22 – enough to deal with already 10-15 kg. Pike. Soft and durable braided metal leash – thing on pike fishing irreplaceable. About lures we have said, as regards fishing tactics, even the abundance of fish, worthy of the trophy must be sought and search activity – the key to success.

Source: www.fishingtravel.ru