Fishing for sazan in the fall


Catching carp in September, this is a very exciting experience for fans of this fish. Particularly impressive size.
Carp – quite a big fish, which is a worthy trophy for the angler. The maximum weight of carp about thirty-five kilograms. The size of one and a half meters.
It feeds carp, especially in September, when a cold snap of water, leeches, worms, grubs, insects, snails. Very hot weather carp does not like, so actively begins to bite in September. If the weather is hot, he goes to the depth of the mud or under dense vegetation.
Carp cunning and clever fish. How to plant, he never once did not swallow the bait and try it on taste and unless certain security begins to swallow. If the carp feels danger, he immediately left the place. Therefore, when fishing for carp in September need to be extremely cautious and masked. Carp, hooked, feels the danger of his life and begin to fight back as he can. There is already a need to rely on their own skills. To carp habits can quickly adapt.
Catching carp in September, better than at night. Nine in the evening hours. Place pre-select near dense vegetation. Lesko take stronger since caught on in such places is very simple. The chosen place is desirable to lure in advance. Carp are very voracious fish and therefore are afraid to lure it is not necessary – it will increase your chances of catching this fish.
For bait, use: grain, corn, peas, bread, maggots, bloodworms, cake. And be sure to flavoring garlic or worm. Lures place a few hours before catching and then, in the process of catching carp, occasionally toss the bait. Do this carefully and not too often.
As a nozzle for catching carp is best to use animals bait. This is the worm, maggot, maggots, leeches. But be sure to bring your bait and vegetable. Because a certain day carp may prefer them. This is the bread dough.
In the fall to catch carp preferably on the bottom and float tackle. Gear must be sturdy enough to withstand a large carp.
If you intend to catch carp from the shore, the best option would be to float rod. Hooks for catching carp in the fall take strong fine fore. Lesko 0.3 – 0.5 mm. And of course the coil. These tackles are suitable for bottom and float tackle.
If you go to carp on a boat, it is better to use the ground tackle.
The bite from the carp confidence. If he bite, you’ll feel. But on phishing have to say a few words. The fact that fish for carp very carefully. Be especially careful with large specimens. For them, the need to use podsadchik. And pull it must carefully as lip carp may break from its weight.