Catching perch in Astrakhan winter

okun_winterAstrakhan – one of the most beautiful places rich in fish. Those who where caught perch in the winter, it is easy to agree these.
Fishing in Astrakhan attracts not only in the open water season, but in winter. Perhaps someone it will seem strange, but according to statistics, fishing stream in Astrakhan more in winter than in the warmer months.
Winter fishing is only at first glance it seems boring and monotonous. In fact, this is a very exciting activity that simply can not be compared with the fishing on open water.
Today we talk about perch fishing in Astrakhan winter. Let us examine the features of its fishing, as well as on his best catch in the Astrakhan region.

Features perch in winter in Astrakhan
As is known, perch schooling fish, it is most often in the snags, or about vegetation residues.
In winter perch caught in Astrakhan on kivkovuyu bait or jig with a balancer.
If you are attacked by a flock, the first bite perch to become a signal for the other fish. And they seem to cling to themselves on the hook.
Hooking perch need drastically, but not much. We perch weak lips, and if there is a large instance, you can just break her lip.

Search perch in the pond
The first thing to do is of course to find a perch. Read pond open water course easier, but who are looking for easy ways, she lives in a world of mediocrity and gray routine.
To search for winter perch in Astrakhan, you have two options:
Take the experienced local fisherman who knows the pond and promising places.
Or act independently …
That’s just in a separate search of perch under the ice in the winter, we will now help.
Places, which usually resides perch in winter:
– Differences depths
– snags
– pit
But to find such a place in the winter of course very difficult. Only if you use sonar, and that if the ice is clear and with enough oxygen pimple in it.
So you have to act like all fishermen, look for fish …
Persistent search is 5-10 drilling holes at a distance of 5 – 10 meters from each other. If the result is not in the same hole, then move to the side, also doing well. The wells can make the square, you can checkerboard or how you will be more convenient.
If there was a bite perch, then you get to the flock. And your catch is guaranteed.

Catching perch in winter in Astrakhan on the balancer
The balance is, without a doubt, an excellent bait for winter fishing perch not only in Astrakhan, but also in all bodies of water, ice tightened.
Ranking of the best rocker for catching winter bass in Astrakhan:
1. balancers Lucky John
2. balancer Rapala
3. balancers Nils Master
4. Aqua balancers
5. balancers KUUSAMO
These firms do indeed facing rocker model, which perfectly caught perch.

Catching perch in winter in Astrakhan jig
Let’s start with the gear.
1. classical rod balalaika.
2. nod
3. The thin fishing line 0.1 mm
4. a small jig. Mormyshka can be either empty or with a nozzle (joker) or beads.
Game jig jig is lowered to the bottom and light twitching movements raise up jig. Whatever steps.
Jig, you can use any. Experiment with colors. Try dark, bright. Also dimensions. But perch usually large jig is not needed.